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Warhammer Total War play experience

I was able to play a battle of Warhammer: Total War at PAX AUS. Long story short: the pitch of this game is perfect, at least for me.

If you liked the old world of Warhammer, and the idea of massive armies clashing above and below ground, then this game is going to suit you.

The campaign was  not available to play, but you could take control of the Dwarfs under Thorgrim Grudgebearer as they get ambushed while travelling through the underway. Thorgrim gives a nicely rousing speech as the lines form up.


The battle gives a good overview of what the game will contain. The Dwarf army as you would expect comes with hardy infantry who are difficult to break, and some fearsome war machines. Watching goblin spears vanish under flame cannons before the survivors break and run through a hail of crossbow bolts is very satisfying! As is sending in the slayers to deal with some trolls who have wandered up to attack the army from behind.

On the other side the goblin Doom Divers were implemented well, cackling as they landed on my cannon crews. Luckily I was able to send out a trio of gyrocopters to take care of the goblin ranged forces. I didn’t snap a pic but it looked something like this:


The arachnarok spider was also in play, throwing Dwarf warriors to and fro as it crashed into my lines. Thorgrim charged in to finish it off, helped by the slayers once they had dealt with those pesky trolls.

If you are a Warhammer player wondering about this game, then wonder no more. Total War: Warhammer is an accurate conversion of the game world, theme and atmosphere to the computer. You won’t be rolling dice or calculating wheel angles, but you will be playing a battle game in the Warhammer world, on a grand scale.

In terms of game editions I’d say this was closest to 4th and 5th in look and feel, but newer models, like the arachnarok, will be in the game. After playing this battle twice I’m looking forward to April 2016!


4 comments on “Warhammer Total War play experience

  1. Azazel
    November 8, 2015

    I’d be on board, but the anaemic number of armies available at launch, along with Chaos being excised to be used as a pre-order exclusive, and the state that previous TW games have been in at launch (and not always fixed!) means it’s most likely a 2017 Steam Sale 75% off title for me…

    • davekay
      November 8, 2015

      I must be one of the few who enjoyed Rome II at launch. AFAIK the armies are all there, just not as playable factions. Not that patience is a bad virtue on Steam of course…

  2. daggerandbrush
    November 11, 2015

    Sounds all very good. I am also not buying games on release any more. I am not willing to be a beta tester or seeing discounts of up to 50 percent after only a couple of months. I will give it a look after initially patches have been applied, but then it should be very good indeed. I could also see that the modding community will be all over it. I never quite understand why GW got rid of the very universe they now heavily promote in the Total War game to a mass audience. The would have been some synergie to be sure.

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