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Warhammer Total War campaign map


The newest video for Warhammer Total War shows off the campaign map and it’s great to see the Old World brought to life:


There were a few interesting game elements revealed in this video, which I have pulled out below:

Here is the campaign map showing what areas will be covered by this game.


This gives Warhammer players some idea of which factions will be in or out of the game even after launch.

The underway was revealed as a potential way of travelling quickly – if you can access it. I wondered if there was more to this than simply cutting journey time. After all the preview battle I played was itself set in the underway. I caught sight of this during the map flyover:


Could this be an underway entrance? It is found at 2:23 on the video above.

Characters have their own journey to make in the game. By completing their own sub-quests you can essentially recreate special characters from the old Warhammer army books.


Getting Azhag the Slaughterer or Archaon the Black to their full glory sounds like a lot of fun!

The game is due in April 2016.


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