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Book review: Angels of Caliban (Horus Heresy XXXVIII)

With Angels of Caliban we return to the worlds of Ultramar and Imperium Secundus. Sanguinius rules the empire, Gulliman runs the empire, and the Lion is its enforcer. The Primarchs … Continue reading

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Book review: The Silent War (Horus Heresy XXXVII)

This book of short stories doesn’t spent its time covering the vast battlefields of the Horus Heresy. Instead the focus here is on the more clandestine missions, things happening behind … Continue reading

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Book review: The Path of Heaven (Horus Heresy XXXVI)

The White Scars spent the first half of the Heresy tucked out of the way, fighting orks, and ignorant of what was transpiring around them. Now they find themselves the … Continue reading

February 19, 2023 · 1 Comment

Immortal Empires evolved

With the release of Total War: Warhammer III the promise of the original game was realised. A campaign map representing the entire Old World became playable… but only for those … Continue reading

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Book review: Eye of Terra (Horus Heresy XXXV)

This book of short stories delivers us action from across the galaxy during the Heresy. I’ve said this before but one of the strengths of these anthologies is the ability … Continue reading

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Your portrait in Baldur’s Gate

It’s 25 years since the release of the incredible Baldur’s Gate game on PC and I feel old and it’s time for bed. I mean, to celebrate this Beamdog, current … Continue reading

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Book review: Pharos (Horus Heresy XXXIV)

The Horus Heresy has been going both well and badly for Ultramar. Well, because they have beaten off various traitor attacks, linked up with both the Blood Angels and Dark … Continue reading

February 12, 2023 · 2 Comments

My top Commodore 64 games, 1-10

Now we get to the top 10. If you missed the previous articles in this series you can view them here: 11-20 21-30 31-40 For this last list I will … Continue reading

February 11, 2023 · 7 Comments

Nils Hamm art on Kickstarter

There’s a Kickstarter ongoing for tokens, playmats and prints from artist Nils Hamm. Full disclosure – I am backer number 45 on this one. I have long since given up … Continue reading

February 11, 2023 · 1 Comment

Book review: War Without End (Horus Heresy XXXIII)

This set of short stories contains twenty-one short stories which bring us action from across the galaxy. I won’t attempt to describe each one here. Short stories have by this … Continue reading

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Old World, new Khemri

The latest update to the Old World project takes us away from the Empire and Kislev, further sought to the lands of Khemri. The Tomb Kings of Khemri, along with … Continue reading

February 8, 2023 · 5 Comments

Book review: Deathfire (Horus Heresy XXXII)

This book picks up the story of the Salamanders and their Primarch, who is at once dead, dying, and alive. Struck down by an immortal weapon, Vulkan lies dead… or … Continue reading

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A reward 20 years in the making

The recent release of Dwarf Fortress after a 20-year development cycle has had a transformative effect on the two brothers behind the game. Now that people have had the chance … Continue reading

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My top Commodore 64 games, 11-20

Welcome back to my look at my top 40 Commodore 64 games, to celebrate 40+ years of this system, the one that cemented my lifelong love of videogames. 11 Parallax … Continue reading

February 4, 2023 · 10 Comments

Book review: Legacies of Betrayal (Horus Heresy XXXI)

Legacies of Betrayal contains a mammoth 19 short stories. Brotherhood of the Storm by Chris Wraight covers characters of the White Scars legion Serpent by John French is a short … Continue reading

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