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Dropfleet Commander on Kickstarter

The space combat game that Hawk Wargames developed with Andy Chambers has been revealed as Dropfleet Commander. This game is now available on Kickstarter where it has proved quite popular so far.

The game is set above planets, rather than in deep space like most space combat games. This means the game’s maps look quite different:


The game involves two fleets vying for supremacy above a planet either to prevent and attack or as a prelude to invasion. The box set will focus on the central conflict of the United Colonies of Mankind (UCM) versus the alien Scourge. The contents are a fleet for each of these factions.



The attention to detail and the standard of painting are both excellent, as usual with Hawk Wargames.

Battlefleet Gothic was the last space combat game by Andy Chambers that I played, and I still have fond memories of that one. With the same designer working in a different but still interesting universe, I will definitely be giving this game a try.



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