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Desert tablescapes update 1

With the choking hot Australian summer passed, I’m now back to painted rather than¬†assembling miniatures. It’s hell living in a house without air conditioning, I tell you. I’ve started on … Continue reading

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Talisman Dragons figures complete

Almost two years after their purchase, I have completed the six figures that came in the Talisman Dragons box. I did not enjoy painting these. They look good enough to … Continue reading

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Civ V factions: Egypt

Egypt are the quintessential civilization; often used to advertise the game of Civ. For many people, Egyptian civilization might as well be one word. As a result this faction is … Continue reading

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MtG artists: Tyler Jacobson

Tyler Jacobson’s art contributions to Magic include great characters as well as some great landscapes, often on the same card! Come and see: Domri Rade This planeswalker debuted in the … Continue reading

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Bones 3 announced

The project hasn’t started yet, but Reaper Miniatures have announced their third Bones project will be coming to Kickstarter later this year. The previous two added hundreds of miniatures to … Continue reading

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Walking Dread: a review of the SAGA Revenants faction

The Revenants are a new faction for SAGA historical gaming. In this case the historical side is drawn from myths prevalent in Europe from 800-1000. This is an army of … Continue reading

May 16, 2015 · 3 Comments

Magic card creation with Karla Ortiz

I’ve linked before to a card creation blog post – the last was was by Steven Belledin. This article comes from Karla Ortiz and concerns the creation of Teysa, Envoy … Continue reading

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