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Changes to Magic: the Gathering organised play

Change has been a constant for Magic’s organised play over the past few years, and these changes have not always been well-received. The most recent changes focused on streaming and … Continue reading

August 24, 2019 · 2 Comments

The Civ Battle Royale returns

61 civilizations, 1 world map, 1 winner. The Civ Battle Royale turned out to be quite the spectacle, with thousands of people tuning to for recaps for a game of … Continue reading

June 23, 2019 · 1 Comment

8-bit Symphony

There’s a music concert coming up soon that I’d love to go to, but I’m a little too far from Hull, UK to make it. The 8-bit symphony will present … Continue reading

June 8, 2019 · Leave a comment

Crystal Brush 2019 winners

The Crystal brush competition is over for another year, and again there have been some fantastic entries which show off the pinnacle of miniatures painting. The overall winner in 2019 … Continue reading

April 7, 2019 · 1 Comment

Games Workshop Vegas previews

Games Workshop have given us a lot of previews in their latest round. Coming from Las Vegas, these have also been profiled on the warhammer-community page so that no one … Continue reading

February 9, 2019 · 1 Comment

Merry Christmas 2018!!

To all my readers over the year, and especially you fellow bloggers whose work has been so inspiring, have a great Christmas. I hope you receive exactly what you are … Continue reading

December 23, 2018 · 3 Comments

Magic’s new competitive scene

Wizards of the Coast chose an eSports convention to make an announcement about Magic’s organized play system. This choice of event should have been prescient but many were still surprised … Continue reading

December 16, 2018 · 4 Comments