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Book review: The Buried Dagger (Horus Heresy LIV)

The Buried Dagger is the final novel in the Horus Heresy series. Assuming that by ‘final’ we mean ‘except for the 9 numbered books of the Siege of Terra series … Continue reading

May 11, 2023 · 3 Comments

Book review: Titandeath (Horus Heresy LIII)

The titan legions played a pivotal role in the Horus Heresy. Whether traitor or loyalist, their presence could tip the scales decisively in favour of one side or another. We … Continue reading

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Book review: Heralds of the Siege (Horus Heresy LII)

Time has run out for the short stories of the Heresy. This is the final collection of the series and so the final chance for authors to tell us about … Continue reading

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Book review: Slaves to Darkness (Horus Heresy LI)

The way to earth lies open, and Horus has called a muster of his forces before the final attack. The Warmaster has chosen the planet of Ullanor for his gathering … Continue reading

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Book review: Born of Flame (Horus Heresy L)

We are now 50 books into the Heresy series and the last few books have moved the story decisively forward. Horus is gathering his forces for the penultimate strike before … Continue reading

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Book review: Wolfsbane (Horus Heresy XLIX)

Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves, is not a patient man. He is also unhappy with his role in the Heresy so far. After being tricked into attacking the … Continue reading

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Book review: The Burden of Loyalty (Horus Heresy XLVIII)

This book of short stories lives up to its name. The stories are linked by a common theme – the choices made by individuals, factions, and legions in this war … Continue reading

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Book review: Old Earth (Horus Heresy XLVII)

As Ruinstorm concluded the Imperium Secundus storyline, so does Old Earth conclude the Shattered Legions tales. The Horus Heresy has become a sprawling tale by this point, and a single … Continue reading

April 9, 2023 · 3 Comments

Book review: Ruinstorm (Horus Heresy XLVI)

This book concludes the Imperium Secundus storyline. Isolated from the Imperium, and presuming themselves the last loyalist stronghold, three Primarchs have recreated the Imperium and cast one of their own … Continue reading

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Book review: Tallarn (Horus Heresy XLV)

The Iron Warriors have arrived in orbit around the planet Tallarn. They start with a chemical bombardment, launching a series of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Within a few hours … Continue reading

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Book review: The Crimson King (Horus Heresy XLIV)

Magnus the Red is lost and alone. His legion is no better off. After the Burning of Prospero, the survivors of the legion are in the Eye of Terror, specifically … Continue reading

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Book review: Shattered Legions (Horus Heresy XLIII)

Shattered Legions is a collection of short stories which deal with the aftermath of the Isstvan massacre. Yes, you read that correctly and you would be right for wondering what … Continue reading

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Book review: Garro (Horus Heresy XLII)

This book is an oddity among Horus Heresy novels, as it has been put together from a number of tales released as audio dramas. Garro is constructed as a single … Continue reading

March 19, 2023 · 2 Comments

Book review: The Master of Mankind (Horus Heresy XLI)

The Emperor is the pre-eminent power in the galaxy. Militarily, none can withstand him. He is attended by the ten thousand, a number of Custodes who themselves are matched in … Continue reading

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Book review: Corax (Horus Heresy XL)

This is another collection of short stories, but the most focused one we have seen to date in the series. This collection follows the story of Corax and his Raven … Continue reading

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Book review: Praetorian of Dorn (Horus Heresy XXXIX)

Alpharius, Primarch of the Alpha Legion is a clever man in a difficult position. His Alpha Legion are one of the largest, but he finds himself unwanted by either side … Continue reading

March 5, 2023 · 2 Comments

Book review: Angels of Caliban (Horus Heresy XXXVIII)

With Angels of Caliban we return to the worlds of Ultramar and Imperium Secundus. Sanguinius rules the empire, Gulliman runs the empire, and the Lion is its enforcer. The Primarchs … Continue reading

February 26, 2023 · Leave a comment

Book review: The Silent War (Horus Heresy XXXVII)

This book of short stories doesn’t spent its time covering the vast battlefields of the Horus Heresy. Instead the focus here is on the more clandestine missions, things happening behind … Continue reading

February 23, 2023 · Leave a comment

Book review: The Path of Heaven (Horus Heresy XXXVI)

The White Scars spent the first half of the Heresy tucked out of the way, fighting orks, and ignorant of what was transpiring around them. Now they find themselves the … Continue reading

February 19, 2023 · 1 Comment

Book review: Eye of Terra (Horus Heresy XXXV)

This book of short stories delivers us action from across the galaxy during the Heresy. I’ve said this before but one of the strengths of these anthologies is the ability … Continue reading

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