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5 AI art creators to use

AI art creators are being talked about a lot right now. For the curious, there are many sites to choose from, but some are easier to use than others. Here … Continue reading

October 29, 2022 · 5 Comments

New look for chaos cultists

There’s another new Warcry box set on the way – honestly I thought we had a new one last month. You know, the Prime Minister before last. The interesting thing … Continue reading

October 26, 2022 · 4 Comments

Two thin coats: first model finished

I have completed the first model using the new Two Thin Coats range: Sir Coates! As one of the free metal models which arrived with the paints, this one provided … Continue reading

October 23, 2022 · 17 Comments

The Guild is back!

If you have never seen The Guild before, then I envy you, because you get to watch it for the first time. The show follows Syd, a gamer under instruction … Continue reading

October 22, 2022 · 7 Comments

The Old World – artwork and new map

The latest Old World project update appeared on Warhammer Community a few days ago. It look like we’ll be seeing a 2023 release for this game. The update didn’t include … Continue reading

October 18, 2022 · 3 Comments

Wolf Bristle Brushes Kickstarter

As I got towards the last of my miniatures, I started to paint with contrast paints far more. I ended up buying a set of brushes to use just with … Continue reading

October 17, 2022 · 2 Comments

Dwarf Fortress tutorial available

It has only taken 20 years since the game’s inception, but Dwarf Fortress now has a tutorial. The famously difficult game of building and maintaining your fortress of dwarfs has … Continue reading

October 16, 2022 · 4 Comments

Two Thin Coats update: the metallics

My progress with painting has been slower than once it was, however I have at least managed to play with the metallic paints that come in the Two Thin Coats … Continue reading

October 15, 2022 · 8 Comments

Boarding actions come to Warhammer 40,000

It has taken a long time – 35 years in fact, but finally the game of Warhammer 40,000 has taken a bit more notice of its own setting. The tabletop … Continue reading

October 9, 2022 · 2 Comments

Homemade terrain: hazard stripes

For my latest terrain update I have been working on just the two barriers, which as of the last time, were sprayed yellow: That’s not their final form; what I … Continue reading

October 8, 2022 · 8 Comments

Book review: The Unremembered Empire (Horus Heresy XXVII)

The Ruinstorm has been activated by the events of Betrayer, and interstellar travel has become all but impossible for loyalist forces. Roboute Gulliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, is intent on … Continue reading

October 6, 2022 · Leave a comment

Book review: Vulkan Lives (Horus Heresy XXVI)

This book is a mix of ‘current’ events – continuing on from the end of Fear to Tread – alongside action from just after Isstvan, and a series of pre-heresy … Continue reading

October 2, 2022 · 3 Comments

Two Thin Coats: the arrival

Better late than never? I backed the Two Thin Coats line of paints Kickstarter, thinking they might miss their stated January delivery date by 2 or 3 months. Not to … Continue reading

October 1, 2022 · 13 Comments