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Back in 2022

With holiday traveling I won’t be updating the blog for the rest of this week, articles will resume in 2022 – next weekend! Hope you all have a great break … Continue reading

December 28, 2021 · 10 Comments

Arta Monday: Angel of Flight Alabaster

Magic’s morose realm of Innistrad makes even the angels sad, as illustrated here wonderfully by Howard Lyon: There is no happy ending for this angel, as previously covered in a … Continue reading

December 27, 2021

Explore fantasy art: Daniel Zrom

Daniel Zrom has illustrated a number of fantasy games and settings, from the Cthulu realms of Dust 1947 to Lord of the Rings and more. I have collected five of … Continue reading

December 25, 2021 · 4 Comments

Classic Talisman toad

“You are now a slimy, little toad.” So reads the text on the card every classic Talisman player dreaded to read. Get turned into a toad, and you lost all … Continue reading

December 25, 2021

Hobby best of 2021 with Dana Howl

Dana Howl has posted a video talking about her hobby favourites of 2021: It’s an interesting mix. As she says in the video it’s not an attempt to make a … Continue reading

December 24, 2021 · 1 Comment

Dungeonbowl rules: first impressions

Games Workshop have released their first boxed Dungeonbowl game since the 1980s, but how does it play compared with the games of today? After taking a read through the rulebook … Continue reading

December 23, 2021 · 6 Comments

Improve at photos with Midwinter Minis

A timely video went up recently from Midwinter Minis with some tips around photographing your painting minis. I am still using an out-of-date iphone to take my photos and it … Continue reading

December 22, 2021 · 1 Comment

I knew you’d come crawling back

It’s official: the Cursed City box will be coming back to shelves in 2022. You can hold fire on those overpriced eBay copies as you will soon be able to … Continue reading

December 21, 2021 · 8 Comments

Arta Monday: Border Patrol

This piece from Simon Gocal makes me wonder what land’s borders this patrol group are watching over, and what threats they could be guarding against.

December 20, 2021

Enjoying the golden age of miniatures

As someone who has been buying, painting, and playing with miniatures for over 30 years now, I’m feeling relaxed and happy. If there’s a model I can think of, someone … Continue reading

December 19, 2021

Dragons of Deceit announced

The first book of the new Dragonlance trilogy, written by original authors Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis, will be coming in August 2022. This is book 1 of the ‘Dragonlance … Continue reading

December 18, 2021

Cursed City: Cleona

The latest character I have tackled goes by the same of Cleona Zeitengale. She’s the Cassandra of the setting, who warned against the coming cataclysm, was ignored, and is now … Continue reading

December 18, 2021 · 10 Comments

A tale of two golds

I painted two character models for Cursed City, using the same gold paints – Retributor Gold and Liberator Gold, both from Games Workshop. Here is how they each came out: … Continue reading

December 16, 2021 · 10 Comments

A Christmas message from James Workshop

Games Workshop have put up an amusing video from their CEO (not really though), James Workshop about the festive season. From exclusive footage of new plastic aspect warriors to the … Continue reading

December 15, 2021 · 4 Comments

Black Library 2022 previews

Warhammer Community hosted a Black Library preview event at the week-end, and while I didn’t get what I had hoped for, the preview was interesting all the same. Anyone who … Continue reading

December 14, 2021 · 3 Comments

Arta Monday: Linvala

Linvala is an angelic leader from Magic’s realm of Zendikar. There have been several versions of this character over the years, but I find I like the original art from … Continue reading

December 13, 2021 · 1 Comment

Cursed City: bats

I took a break from painting the character models from the Cursed City to paint the bat swarms: These swarms were almost 100% Contrast Paints – only the candles were … Continue reading

December 12, 2021 · 4 Comments

Explore fantasy art: Chris Achilleos

Chris Achilleos illustrated some great pieces over decades but I would say his heyday was the 1980s. This is based on my own experience though, as in that decade his … Continue reading

December 11, 2021 · 4 Comments

Please… no more miniatures!

Midwinter Minis has a new video up about buying gifts for gamers which aren’t yet more miniatures to paint! This is a subject close to my heart as I get … Continue reading

December 10, 2021 · 6 Comments

Arta Monday: Kargan Dragonlord

Dragons are rarely in my top Magic card arts, but everything in this piece comes together for me. The brightness of the dragon’s flame, the dark sky behind, the savage … Continue reading

December 6, 2021 · 2 Comments