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Swamps of Magic: the Gathering

In Magic, swamps are the place of dark Magic. Black mana gathers here, used by Wizards who wish to selfishly fuel their own power without regard for its impact on others.

Unhinged by John Avon


I could almost stop right now. This is not just my favourite swamp; it’s one of my favourite land arts full stop. I don’t own any, I should probably sort that out.

Magic 2010 by Jim Pavelec


Core sets are great sources of good basic lands, as this example shows.

Theros by Steven Belledin


Toxic fumes fill the air in this great scene from Steven Belledin. If you have never given any thought to how difficult it is to paint air it can only be because you have never tried.

Magic 2012 by Jung Park


Another great core set piece, this time by noted concept artist Jung Park.

Ravnica by Richard Wright


This piece by Richard Wright shows the crumbling waterlogged stone undercity areas that form the swamps in the city plane of Ravnica.


2 comments on “Swamps of Magic: the Gathering

  1. Von
    February 8, 2015

    The Ravnica lands are the bomb. More heartache over getting rid of those than anything else in the collection.


    • davekay
      February 8, 2015

      I have a folder of cards that I would keep (for the art) eve if I were to stop playing Magic. About half are lands.


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