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Painting projects in 2015

I have already added five new projects to my list this year! Rather than divide them into five separate introductory posts, I am including them all here.

I don’t expect to finish all these projects in 2015, and I will still be working through my existing projects, especially Bones. My plate simply became more overloaded.

A Verry Perry Army


This army will consist of the Perry Miniatures medieval plastic boxed sets, starting with the two European Mercenaries bixes that I bought in 2010. If I paint these I shall reward myself with additional boxes to paint. Is that really a reward? I say yes!

Tablescapes: what remains in the desert


I have divided my 32 tablescapes tiles to make up two 4×4 tables for gaming. The first will be desert-themed. The river bed will be dry, and the ruins will be painted as per the reference piece shown towards the top.

Tablescapes: Weird Wold


The second set of tiles will be painted in a more euro-ruins style, and there is a separate reference piece shown here, and again in more detail.


Tabletop Legends


I have been struggling for a name for this project. It is a collection of interesting character figures I have picked up over the years that do not fit into any army or game system I play, and are unlikely to do so. Shown above is the starting clutch. Trust me, I can group more models under this project banner without making any further purchases.

Gods & Mortals

Once game system I shall use many models in is Of Gods & Mortals. This project banner will hold many ‘orphaned’ miniatures, mainly from GW’s Lord of the Rings range, that only have a home here.

4 comments on “Painting projects in 2015

  1. Azazel
    February 13, 2015

    The funny thing about your projects listed here, is that as I was reading through the first three had me thinking “hey, me too!” I’ve got little doubt that you’ll get more achieved in the three than I do this year, though. But hopefully your blog posts can inspire me to get a little done on my own.

    • davekay
      February 13, 2015

      I find reading other hobby blogs inspiring too, so hopefully I will have plenty of painting updates this year!

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