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Commander 2019 art review

The 2019 Commander set releases August 23 for Magic: the Gathering players. As always this set is a mix of old and new cards. All the new cards have new … Continue reading

August 18, 2019 · 1 Comment

MtG artists: Victor Adame Minguez

Victor Adame Minguez is a relatively new artist, having debuted in the Battle for Zendikar set. Since then he has illustrated well over 50 cards and tokens. His art is … Continue reading

July 14, 2019 · 4 Comments

Core Set 2020 art review

Core sets tend not to have a theme or specific setting, though in the case of Core Set 2020 I get a distinct impression that the realm of Theros is … Continue reading

July 13, 2019 · 3 Comments

Modern Horizons art review

Modern Horizons is the latest Magic set and it’s a unique one. Ostensibly aimed at the Modern format, this set features cards new to that format, and most of them … Continue reading

June 16, 2019 · 1 Comment

MtG artists: Filip Burburan

Filip Burburan is one of the current Magic artists who paints in the traditional rather than the digital medium. With over 50 cards illustrated as I write this article, his … Continue reading

May 12, 2019 · Leave a comment

War of the Spark art review

Recent Magic sets have tied the art to the story quite closely. War of the Spark takes this up to a new level, with effectively the entire story told through … Continue reading

April 27, 2019 · 1 Comment

MtG artists: Zack Stella

Zack Stella’s work first appeared in the 2013 Theros set, and he’s illustrated over 80 cards since that debut. His art can be either bright or dark, and he has … Continue reading

April 14, 2019 · 6 Comments