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Gaming Weekend

This weekend was gaming week-end, so at the start I was feeling more or less like this:

By the end of Sunday I’m feeling tired, but I stated Scent of a Gamer would be updated each weekend, and so it shall be!

I managed 10 spearate game sessions between Friday night and Sunday evening. Here’s how things went:

Friday night

1. Magic: the Gathering draft

I played a draft using Fate Reforged and Khans of Tarkir. I thought I had a reasonable Jeskai deck, and reasonable is probably a good word. After a win in round 1 and a draw in round 2, I somehow found myself in the finals which I lost in short order. Home by midnight and time for a sleep before Saturday.


Saturday is the first of two days of gaming put on by my gaming club. We had around 70 people on days 1, which is usually the quiet day! There was a mix of organised and casual games going on, and plenty of new faces.

2. Magic: the Gathering multiplayer draft

I both ran and played in this multiplayer draft. It worked like a normal draft except that after deck construction we simply play one multiplayer game to determine the winner. I was the first eliminated, which surprised me since I had drafted what I thought was a decent Mardu deck with Butcher of the Horde and High Sentinels of Arashin. But, it was not to be.

3. Age of War

After two long bouts of Magic, I was ready for something simpler, and Age of War was perfect. I played this twice and introduced two new players to this fun game that is easy to play and quick to learn.

4. Hyperborea

I walked past a table where three people were setting up Hyperborea, and asked if they had room for a fourth. Turns out they did, and it also turns out that I had played a few things incorrectly in this game. This game played out differently, but playing it ‘right’ definitely made the game better. Though I enjoyed it before too.


This time I managed to win the game without actually triggering any of the end game conditions! I left that work to others, and managed a solid score across all areas with the Coral Throne faction (that’s the orange guy with the hammer second from left).

5. Lords of Waterdeep

This one is an old favourite of mine, and finding people with nothing to do was the same as finding people interested in playing Lords. The box is awesome, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. This game ended with one runaway winner who followed his Lord’s plan of building and finished up some valuable quests too.


6. Hyperborea

Can I start a day without Magic: the Gathering? Yes, I can! Hyperborea again took my fancy, and I had a good time covering the board with my faction (the red ones). The random tiles provide for a variable experience as terrain can open or close certain areas of the board.

7. Stone Age

I has played this once before almost two years ago, so I was happy to be able to play it again here. Stone Age mixes agent placement with dice rolling in a pleasing way.

8. Splendor

This game has been much chatted about. I think I would categorise it as a great gateway game that also appeals to established gamers. The mechanics are straightforward but there is some strategy there. Settlers of Catan is often cited as the gateway game of choice, but it’s the three wolf moon of boardgames. Having other options is good.

9. Poison

Like Age of War, Poison as a quick-playing card game by Reiner Knizia. Fill the cauldrons with potions, and tyr not to drink any of the poison!

10. Magic: the Gathering

As it begins, so shall it end. With Magic. This round was part of a multiplayer league I organise and the games went well, lasting about 90 minutes each, which is about what you expect for 7 players games.


Which brings me to the end of gaming weekend. I’d like to play more, but I have work in the morning!


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