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A Weakness for Willy… Miniatures

So I picked up a new fantasy football team, in spite of the fact that I rarely play Blood Bowl, unless it’s the computer game version.

Willy Miniatures have come up with the perfect Chaos team, so I had to. No choice really, is how I look at it. Below is an image showing each of the three model sizes, relative to one another. How well will they fit with my other teams? I’ll find out when they arrive. Really it doesn’t matter since it’s not like they take to the pitch side by side. As long as the team members fit well with one another, that’s all that counts.



This was my first funding experience with Indiegogo, and quite painless it was too. You can visit the funding page for this team to see all the models. There are eight different beastmen, four different chaos warriors, and the Minotaur that make up the basic team. Willy Miniatures have also been putting a few Star Player options into the mix. Nice! I opted for the full team plus a Star Player, which comes to $113. That’s US, so it was a little less in Australian Mining Dollars.

This team is due to arrive in March, and will be added to The Projects when it gets here.


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