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Happiness is a Game Reborn


One of my favourite computer games of all time, Lords of Midnight, has recently been re-released. As befits a game originally available on the 8-bit Spectrum 48k and Commodore 64, this game is now available as a app for iphone and android, with a Windows version forthcoming.

Lords of Midnight is a fantasy adventure game, in full 3D. It may look quite basic now, but it was a revelation back in 1984. But then, who cares about 1984, right? What is important is that this game is epic, and a great challenge for anyone.

The adventure begins...

The game casts you in the role of four characters, and you can use those to recruit more throughout the game.  Your main character here is Luxor the Moonprince and it’s important to keep him alive if you can. The objective of the game is to protect the lands of the Free from the warlord Doomdark. Easier said than done!

The game kicks off at the opening of The War of the Solstice, and while Doomdark is ready, the Lords of Midnight are not! They are all sitting at home, enjoying tea and crumpets. You’ll need to send out three of your character to gather these recalcitrants together and beat back the armies of Doomdark.

But wait, weren’t there four characters? Yes, and here’s the clever part. Morkin, Luxor’s son must travel alone through the perilous North to reach Doomdark’s very lair. If he can steal the Ice Crown and destroy it, Doomdark’s power will be broken (sound familiar?) and the game is won!

Lords of Midnight is a well-plotted and tight adventure, and at times you’ll find yourself playing with your heart in your mouth. It suits an app too, being easily saveable, so you can return to your campaign in-between the annoying bits of life that interrupt the pure pursuit of gaming.


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