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A New Blood Bowl?

I’m not usually one to pay attention to rumours. My attitude tends to be: I’ll get excited when I can own it. There’s an exception to every rule, several exceptions in this case. Blood Bowl is one such exception.  Games Workshop’s finest tabletop games product, and one that has thrived in spite of (or because of?) a lack of official support.


Rumours are starting to thicken that there may be a new official game release brewing. There’s a thread on Warseer for this, but the summary is that we  can expect a new boxed game with four teams, with each player individually sculpted. No half dozen identical linemen for this release apparently.

The teams will be human and orc, as per the most recent boxed set (from 1993!). In addition there will be an elf team and the Chaos All-Stars. For those who don’t recall, the Chaos All-Stars are a collection of star players formed into a team. From my recollection there were chaos warriors, skaven, dark elf, goblin, Minotaur and ogre players there, the last being the mighty Morg n Thorg himself. Sounds like a chance to provide us with a dozen new star player sculpts!

That would suit me, since my Willy Miniatures chaos team will be getting mailed to me soon, so I’m not exactly in the market for a new chaos team. An elf team would also be welcome.

As with any other rumours, take a reality check along with a pinch of salt. There were previous rumblings about this back in 2007 and nothing came of it. Still though.



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