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Anglo-Dane Update

My first 12 Anglo-Dane warriors for SAGA are complete. These guys were a breeze to paint, and I loved the outcome of trying out shield transfers from Little Big Men Studios.


These models are Saxon Thegns from Gripping Beast, plastic figures which come in boxes of 44. This is easily enough to make an army of Anglo-Dane or Anglo Saxon warriors and hearthguard. For levy you’ll need unarmoured bodies from somewhere else.

I undercoated these models in black die to the amount of chain armour and the helmet also requiring a coating of metallic paint. When the models were painted I used a black wash to pick out any details that were lost under the paint. Finally I re=painted the shields in white, two coats, before applying the transfers. Any gaps around the transfer were painted over in a muddy grey.

The bases remain undecided, these will be done when the entire army is complete.

My Anglo-Dane army is currently 44 models strong (surprise!), and does not include any levy models. I like working with plastic over metal, and I do so whenever possible. Should a historical set of levy-looking miniatures appear, I would probably snap that up for use with both the Normans and Anglo-Danes.

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