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Chaos Dwarf Update

The Chaos Dwarf part of the Chaos Dwarf team is complete, leaving the non-Chaos Dwarf part still to come.  This consists of five Hobgoblins.

I was concerned about my chosen paint scheme of pink and gold, but in the final analysis I like it. The basis have a mix of gravel and light grass tufts, because these bog booted fellows really churn up the pitch around them!



One of the curious things about the Chaos Dwarf team in Blood Bowl is that you can’t have more than six Chaos Dwarfs in it. Hobgoblins are your 0-16 player, and they handle very differently to the rest of the team.

Note in this photo I have the maximum of two Bull Centaurs, because that’s how I roll. They are impressive figures in design and in size, and they play great on the pitch too.

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