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Bard’s Tale I walkthrough, part 7: the final battle

You’ve made it through most of Mangar’s Tower, now only the final level and the evil wizard himself remain to be defeated.


Yes, that blank area at the top of the map is Mangar’s lair. Read on to see why it’s blank.

portal down (N0 E0): takes you back to level 4

1st teleport (N0 E2): takes you to N0 E10

Magic mouth (N1 E10): your only way out of the square you just entered brings you to a magic mouth, This one has no riddle, just deals damage to each party member.

Possession! (N1 E20): when you enter this room, one of your party is possessed and combat begins. You finally learn what that Party Attack option was even for. Monsters don’t participate in this combat. Make sure you remembered your Dispossess spell and all will be fine.

2nd teleport (N2 E21): this teleport takes you to N16 E0. Avoid the other teleports in the corners of this maze, and proceed south through the door to N7 E5.

Boiling liquid (N10 E21): you’re asked if you want to jump in to this pool, and you do! The party will take damage, and you are teleported to N6 E10 and an otherwise unreachable part of the dungeon.

Puzzle door (N15 E10): You cannot pass here unless you have the silver square, circle, and triangle. Note they aren’t removed from your inventory though.


Now you are in Mangar’s lair, but avoid the front entrance and go around the back.

Spectre Snare (N21 E10): Answer “spectre snare” to the riddle to receive this potent weapon, in time for the final battle with Mangar.

Two advantages are gained by sneaking around this way; the weapon, and coming immediately face to face with Mangar.

Here’s our walkthrough team before their final battle.


Mangar! (N20 E10): Entering this door brings you face to face with Mangar himself.


In this battle you’ll face Mangar, along with 2 Vampire Lords and 2 Demon Lords. My advice is to focus on killing the Demon Lords first. Your fighters should be able to handle the vampires, while Mangar simply cast a different summon spell each round.

With the demons out of the way your wizards can finish Mangar at range, while your warriors take on any further summoned creatures.

If all goes well, who should appear but Kylearan!


There were a couple of casualties, of course, but to the victors go the spoils.


After this Kylearan teleports you back to the Adventurers’ Guild, where it all began…


You have now completed the first Bard’s Tale game! Get ready for the second.

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