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Bard’s Tale I walkthrough part 6: Mangar’s Tower

Once you’ve finished in Kylearan’s Tower, it’s time to get on to Mangar’s Tower and the end of the game. This penultimate part covers the first four of the five levels of Mangar’s Tower. The fifth level and battle with Mangar is coming in the final part.

The initial way into Mangar’s Tower is through the sewers. Apport Arcane is your friend here, allowing you to move straight to the stairs up to Mangar’s.


Level 1 sees you teleport around the map until you find a way through.

Stairs down: (N0 E0): takes you back to the base of the tower in Skara Brae. You still can’t enter this way though, only leave.

1st teleport (N6 E7): takes you to N20 E7

2nd teleport (N18 E0): takes you to N11 E0 and opens the rest of the map

3rd teleport (N13 E20): takes you to level 2 of the tower.


teleport destination (N13 E20): this is where you appear after leaving level 1

portal down (N17 E21): this is a one-way portal, so use only if you really need to

silver circle (N15 E4): this is the final piece of the puzzle you need to face Mangar on level 5, so it’s worth the walk through all that darkness.

recharge mana (N11 E15) A bit random, but this room will recharge your mana very quickly.

stairs up (N2 E11): takes you to level 3


Every corridor in this level is darkness, so I hope you brought your Lightwands from earlier levels, otherwise your mana will drop as you constantly cast spells just to be able to see the rooms you enter.

There’s a purpose to all the wandering though.

stairs down (N2 E11): takes you back to level 2

Master Key (N12 E19): make sure you have 50,000 gold with you and the Master Key can be yours. A merchant offers to sell it to you. The Master Key allows you to enter Mangar’s (or Kylearan’s) from the streets of Skara Brae. Better late than never.

Riddle (N4 E10): Once you have your Master Key head to this space and answer with the following words, one at a time: “lie” “with” “passion” “and” “be” “forever” “damned”. Only once you have answered this riddle will the stairs up be revealed.

Stairs up (N9 E3): revealed only once you have answered the riddle above.

A quick note: you can’t use Apport Arcane beyond level 3 of the tower, but with your Master Key in hand you can now teleport your party straight to the stairs up to level 3, should you need to enter the tower again.


I know, I know. The map looks odd. There’s a good reason for that – this level is odd! You don’t see this many doors when you arrive, I promise.

stairs down (N9 E3): takes you back to level 3. But why would you want to go back?

1st teleport (N10 E17): takes you to N3 E15

Thor (N9 E20): on the way between the first and second teleports, you can enter a side room and answer “Thor” to the riddle. You’ll receive a Thor Figurine, which adds a powerful ally to your party.

2nd teleport (N10 E21): takes you to N18 E20

3rd teleport (N16 E11): takes you to N20 E2 – getting dizzy yet?

4th teleport (N20 E1): this takes you to N14 E12 where you will find the doors are now walls and the walls are now doors. This makes the exit accessible.

portal up (N0 E0): you’ll find the portal up to level 5 in the extreme left corner of the map.


Come back for the final level of the game and the final part of this walkthrough.

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