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Ultimate Masters art review

The latest reprint set from Wizards of the Coast has attract attention for its pricing model of ‘even-more-premium-than-usual’ but there’s some great new art in this set too. Card illustrations have been revisited by artists of evidently varying styles and this gives the set a pleasing look and feel overall.

Here are five of my favourites from the Ultimate Masters set

Reviving Vapors by Bastien L. Deharme


The original Invasion art receives a great new update in the Ultimate Masters set.

Tasigur, the Golden Fang by Igor Kieryluk


I’ve been enjoying the visuals of Kieryluk’s recent illustrations for the game, and this is no exception.

Bitterblossom by Jesper Ejsing


The third illustration for this card is my new favourite.

Dark Depths by Mathias Kollros


New art for Dark Depths gives us the view from under the ice.

Through the Breach by Randy Vargas


This card originally depicted spirits pushing their way into the realm of Kamigawa. From Vargas’ new art, you’d think the card had always been intended to show the Eldrazi.


You can see all the cards from this set at the Ultimate Masters card image gallery.

3 comments on “Ultimate Masters art review

  1. Bookstooge
    November 25, 2018

    I have to admit, I’m only excited about this set because I want Cavern of Souls and Noble Hierarch to drop below $50 so I can pick up one of each and proxy them forever.

    The thing is, I’ve bought a box each of MM15, MM17 and EMA when they each released and now I’m questioning whether to just go ahead and open them for myself or to wait another couple of years and flip them. I don’t really like the flipping mentality. It’s a game after all!

    Decisions, decisions, decisions…

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    • davekay
      November 25, 2018

      I’d say with all those sets the question is not if the cards will be reprinted again but when. Selling is probably a good idea unless you really want to gamble on the cards inside.

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