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Bard’s Tale I walkthrough part 2: your first dungeon

(If you missed it, go back to part 1)

After walking into the Scarlet Bard tavern and asking for wine, you will find yourself transported to the first dungeon of the game; the wine cellar.


There’s not too much to explore here, but you’ll find the battles are multiple groups of monsters you would have encountered singly on the streets above.


The only true item of interest here is the stairs at N18 E7. These lead down to the Sewers, the first true dungeon of the game.


Stairs back up (N18 E7): tkes you back to the Wine Cellar

Stairs down (N14 E17): takes you to Sewers level 2


Features of interest here:

Stairs up (N14 E17): take you back to Sewers level 1

Portal down (N11 E21): takes you down to Sewers level 3

Portal down (N21 E5): takes you down to Sewers level 3

Searing beam (N4 E0): does major damage to the party unless it’s night time up above

As the two portals form your only way down, they also form your only way back up.


Any party can jump through a portal to go down, but to get back up you’ll need access to a Levitation spell, so ensure you have access to one before venturing to level 3.


Get used to this level, as you’ll be back here before the end of the game.

Sewers level 3 features of interest:

Portal up (N11 E21): takes you back to Sewers level 2

Portal up (N21 E5): takes you back to Sewers level 2

Stairs up (N16 E17): takes you all the way up to the streets of Skara Brae… to the base of Mangar’s Tower. At this stage of the game you won’t be able to enter the tower. Later, once you have the Onyx Key (or Master Key) you will be able to go in.

To leave Mangar’s Tower at street level you need to fight your way past powerful statues, so it’s best to mark the stairs for later and leave. There’s more dungeons to get through before you are ready to take on Mangar, starting with the Mad God’s catacombs. We’ll enter those in part 3.

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