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Bard’s Tale I walkthrough part 1: Skara Brae

This walkthrough is for the 2018 remake of the 1980s original Bard’s Tale. Join me as I take a party through Skara Brae to overthrow the evil wizard Mangar.

Getting started

When you start the game for the first time you are placed in the Adventurers’ Guild. The guild master says a few things to you that you won’t remember.


Here you have the option to create new characters, or change the mix of characters in your party. The game gives you six starting characters, which actually form an effective mix.

Notice that the seventh slot is empty. You’re quite welcome to create an additional member, or even to go with an entirely new party if you wish. If you do this, note that new characters created have no equipment, while your starting party at least has some gear. You’ll want to pass this along to any new party members.

In particular your bard starts with a Fire Horn, a tremendously powerful item:


If you decide to replace him, make sure you take this item, you won’t find these for many more dungeons!

If you want more party advice, click here for a full guide.

Getting out

Once your party is together you will want to get out and explore the town of Skara Brae:


The above screenshot is from the in-game journal, which fills itself in as you travel through towns and dungeons. In Skara Brae your key locations are:

The Adventurers’ Guild (N15 E24): create and remove party members, rest for the night

Garth’s Equipment Shoppe (N18 E26): buy, sell, and identify equipment

The Review Board (N20 E23): Go here when your characters are ready to progress a level or buy new spells

Roscoe’s Energy Emporium (N21 E12): Have your mages’ spell points restored for just 10 gold per point

Temples (multiple locations): Denoted by clasped hands, temples will heal your party, for a price.

Taverns (multiple locations): Go here to restore your Bard’s ability to play music during your adventures

The Scarlet Bard (N5 E28): This tavern is your first port of call and leads to the first set of dungeons. Simply go here and ask for the Wine, a drink not offered at any other establishment in Skara Brae.

The Mad God’s Temple (N13-16 E18): Go here for your second set of dungeons

Baron Harkyn’s Castle (N24 E4): After the Mad God’s Temple you’ll visit the Baron’s castle. Its gates are guarded by creatures fierce enough to keep you away until you are good and ready.

Kylearean’s Tower (N27 E27): After the castle this is where you’ll go, but the way is closed until you have been through the castle.

Mangar’s Tower (N2 E2): The final set of dungeons and end boss encounter are here. Don’t try to rush ahead though…

First steps

For now just explore the town and fight the wandering monsters. A helpful arrow will appear once a party member is ready to go up a level. Be warned though – neither the Review Board nor Garth’s will open at night for any reason! Once darkness falls it’s time for you to head over to the Adventurer’s Guild and spend the night. This will immediately move the game to dawn, at the cost of any spells or bardic tunes you had active.


Once you get to level 3, and have a few more spells, it’s time to visit the Scarlet Bard and ask about that wine.


Your way to the Scarlet Bard is blocked by a statue. You only need to defeat the statue once as it won’t reappear. The same applies to the other statues that block your way around Skara Brae. For now, the samurai statue is enough. A level 1 party will struggle, but a blast from the Fire Horn will see off the samurai nicely.

The way to your first dungeon is open, so come back for part 2 to see how to get through it!

5 comments on “Bard’s Tale I walkthrough part 1: Skara Brae

  1. Faust
    November 7, 2018

    Updated graphics look pretty nice. I forgot that’s how you get to the first dungeon. Back in the good old pre-internet days, where you could bang your head bloody on the keyboard trying to figure out a single puzzle in a game! 😂

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    • davekay
      November 7, 2018

      Yes, I remember buying Wine just because it wasn’t on any of the other Taverns’ menus and being surprised when I found myself in a dungeon!

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