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Hour of Devastation art review

Hour of Devastation is Magic’s latest set, and finishes the story begun in Amonkhet as well as bringing an intriguing twist to the overarching gatewatch storyline.

The people of Amonkhet have spent years training themselves to be found worthy by their five gods and earn a place in the afterlife. They have been told that the return of their god-pharaoh will herald a number of hours, including one where the worthy dead return from the afterlife.

As the appointed hour arrives, the gate opens:

Gate to the Afterlife by Raymond Swanland


Beyond the gate lies more desert rather than an unearthly paradise. First a demon emerges and uses his blood to turn the river red, killing all that lives within. The gatewatch fight back, killing the demon, but the worst is yet to come.

After the demon falls three new gods emerge. One steps forward to fight the five gods killing three of the five. The second unleashes a wave of insects which destroy the magical barrier protecting the city from the surrounding desert.

The Locust God by Lius Lasahido


Finally the third strange god steps forward and unleashes an army of undead

The Scarab God by Lius Lasahido


These undead are the former champions of Amonkhet. In undeath they retain the abilities that made them worthy in life. With their fighting and magical skills intact they begin the massacre of the shattered survivors of Amonkhet.

Unsummon by Nils Hamm


The story ends on both a grim note and a cliffhanger. The gatewatch are scattered; defeated by the god-pharaoh, who is none other than Nicol Bolas, an evil dragon who is something of a serial villain in Magic.

For the very few survivors of Amonkhet, their city is gone. Their gods are gone but for a single survivor. Their task now is to find some new haven in their desert world where life can continue.

Ramunap Ruins by Florian de Gesincourt


It will not be easy.


Best of set:

My pick for best of set is Moaning Wall by Piotr Jabłońskipiotr-jablonski-moaning-wall-s





2 comments on “Hour of Devastation art review

  1. Bookstooge
    July 23, 2017

    I bought an Amenkhet bundle and wasn’t really impressed with the overall flavor. I think I’m going to have to pass on this…


    • davekay
      July 23, 2017

      I have enjoyed the set more for the story and artwork than for the actual product.

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