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Nurgle fortress at Warhammer World

Of all the great dioramas I saw in the exhibition centre at Warhammer World, this one was the most impressive for me.


It is set in the moment after a moment. The horns have sounded, the call has gone out, and now the armies of Nurgle march forth.


The diseased hordes pour lie vomit from a diseased body.


The broken teeth of this portcullis add to the mood and the metaphor.


The castle display is both tall and wide, with armies marching across a number of bridges.


Seen here is a little girl added for scale.


Please excuse the reflection in this one. The exhibitions are unapologetically set up to the looked at, not photographed, and so some angles are impossible to capture without some reflection. However I wanted to show the canyon view where some troops march forth below ground level.


At lot of different chaos troops feature.


The details on each individual are difficult for the camera to pick out, but look great when viewed in person. This is a horde of individuals.


There are plenty of ForgeWorld models used in the display in the image above are plague ogres.


The walls loom high over the marching models, and there is plenty of detail to enjoy here too.


Like this wurm and what I presume is a recent victim hanging above.


Another image I took to try and show the canyon below the bridges.


This daemon looks down at his army marching forth.


If you get the chance to visit Warhammer World, I can promise you will spend a long time looking over this piece. Just remember to look through your eyes rather than a camera lens!

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  1. daggerandbrush
    August 4, 2017

    Thank you for sharing these pictures. A truly impressive display and something to get inspired.

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