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Bones 3 arrives

An update to my ongoing Bones painting project sees not more painted models, but rather the arrival of more models to paint!

I held back on my Bones 3 order, joining the project late and with just a few models ordered. I went for 19 models in all:


Apologies for the shadows on the models at the front. The models are a few goblins, some knights, some orcs, a pair of ogres, a pair of giants, 2 dragons, and Goremaw, the largest model in this image.

There was one more model I ordered:


Shub-Niggurath is an impressive figure and I will certainly find some use for it. I placed some other models around it to give you an idea of its size.


The white Bones material means that details don’t photograph so well, but there’s plenty to like on these models. As you can see, that knight’s sword needs the hot water treatment.


So how was the project? Well, it was originally slated to deliver in October last year, so the date slipped signficantly. This surprised me since Reaper are on their third Bones project so I had not expected supplier issues to crop up the way they did. Still,  9 months late is better than 10 months late, as it’s not as though I lacked for models to paint in the meantime.

 Many parts make light work

The Bones from the first Kickstarter were mostly single-part. This time around even several of the orcs were multi-part, as were the giants and other larger figures. Multi-part means more detail and the models you see in the images above were all assembled by simply pushing the pieces together, no glue yet. The dragon on the right fell apart about 5 seconds after I took the photos (and several times before!). Nothing a bit of glue won’t handle.

Postal Disservice

For me the product is fine, but delivery and service is where things fell down. The lateness I’ve already covered. Australian backers suffered from being charged individual postage only to see everything loaded into a container and sent to a fulfilment company here. I’m sure that saved Reaper a bunch, but doesn’t help us feel any better. The fulfilment company did well, the issues were all at the Reaper end. If they do this again it should be reflected in any postal arrangements for Bones 4. We’ll see.


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