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Lucidity dice game on Kickstarter

The latest entry in the “things that caught my eye on Kickstarter” files is Lucidity, a push-your-luck dice game.

In Lucidity, each player is a dreamer attempting to gain enough power to wake up before the other players. The first player to 15 power triggers a final round, after which the player with the most power wins.

Power can be obtained through rolling dice. The more dice you roll, the more power you can obtain. Power has its risks, and in this case the risk is you succumb to the dreams and become a Nightmare yourself.

Should the worst happen, your game is not over. Instead your path to victory involves preventing any other player from succeeding.

Lucidity looks like an interesting game. As I write this there are only a couple of days left to back, so check out the Lucidity project page now.

Here’s what comes in the game, before any stretch goals are added:


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