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MtG artists: Ryan Barger

Ryan Barger is another relatively new artist, and he has a unique style and a great eye for details. His card illustrations are the kind you notice new details in long after having seen them for the first time.

Tower Drake


Tower Drake was a Return to Ravnica reprint of a pretty anonymous card from Invasion block. Ryan Barger’s art made sure that no one will forget the card second time around!

Athreos, God of Passage


The gods of Theros all had incredible art, Athreos by Ryan Barger remains one of my favourites.

Greenside Watcher


This is another one where the details keep coming at you, from the designs on the elf’s jacket, to the faces of the statues in the foreground, to the sunlight path in the background, to the scars on the elf’s face. Incredible work.



This was the marquee card for Modern Masters, and many were happy to know it will be printed again in Modern Masters 2015. This card is a competitive powerhouse, and Ryan Barger’s art gives it suitable presence as well as hinting at the card’s strength.

Knight of Obligation


Another fantastic set of details on this card, just look at that armour!

See all cards illustrated by Ryan Barger, or visit the artist’s website.



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