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Civ V factions: England

The green and pleasant land is represented by Elizabeth I in the fifth version of Civilization, and their two unique units are drawn from the same time period. They function together to create a faction that enjoys having naval superiority.


Preferred landscape: Archipelago. England benefits from ready access to the sea. The ability of an early game Trireme to quickly explore neighbouring islands takes a lot of the guesswork out of the archipelago map type and gives you a good advantage. No more sending scouts and settlers to any landmass that is less than ideal!

Also the additional point of range on the Longbowman units is great for defending against seaborne raiders.


Strengths: Sea power and range are England’s strengths, and research should be prioritised to areas that will quickly open up these options.

Research: Early Archery and Sailing research is a good option to take. From there you can look towards Optics and Machinery.

Your first policy: England is policy neutral in the first instance, which means Tradition is probably going to work out best. Once Exploration is available, snatch that as the +3 production for each coastal city, along with the happiness bonuses for each Lighthouse, Harbor, and Seaport is a great support for the empire.

First 50 turns: Getting to Sailing and launching your first Trireme should happen here. This will let you open up the map and see the best spots for settling additional cities. Always prioritise coastal locations over inland location. Think: is the inland location worth the -3 production and lack of happiness bonuses once you have Exploration online?


Pantheon of choice: Depending on the quality of sea resources, God of the Sea is an obvious first choice. Pantheons can be chosen based on what is best for your first few cities.

Win conditions: England is flexible enough to go for any strategy with the same chances of success. While both uniques are units rather than buildings, this does not necessarily lead to aggressive play. The units work fine on defence, and the +1 range of a Longbowman remains when you upgrade the unit. For God and Saint George!


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