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MtG artists: Chippy

Over the years Chippy has contributed some memorable art to Magic: the Gathering. With over 100 cards illustrated, it was not easy to choose five to show in this article.

1. Voidmage Husher

chippy_Voidmage_HusherThis is one of my favourite magic card arts of all time. Sssshhhhhh.

2.  Vectis Agents


These are assassins from the Esper faction on Alara, already their bodies are mostly transformed into etherium.

3. Darkslick Drake


I have flown often. On of my favourite views out of the window is when the plane gets above the cloud layer and you see this fluffy cloud carpet stretching out into the distance. Chippy has captured that view perfectly. The creature looks great too!

4. Abyssal Persecutor


A great demon lord illustration.

5. Sarkhan the Mad


Daarken isn’t the only artist to have illustrated Sarkhan Vol. Chippy’s drawing shows Sarkhan’s middle phase, driven to madness on Alara by the ghostly presence of Ugin.

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