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Dungeonbowl team review: Metal

Owners of the Blood Bowl 2016 or 2020 boxed sets will gravitate to the College of Metal, as many of the players are present in this roster. This result is a good roster which provides for a resilient team.

Complete team: none

Mostly complete: Black Orcs, Orcs

Also present: Human blitzer and lineman, Khorne bloodseeker, Imperial Nobility bodyguard

Spell: The College of Metal has a relatively weak spell which works best on heavily armoured opponents.

Player options: 10

Strengths: Players in the College of Metal come well-armoured, with all players except your goblin having an AV of 9+ or better.

Weaknesses: Other than not getting injured, this team doesn’t excel at any one aspect of the game, lacking the high speed or high strength options of other rosters.

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