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Dungeonbowl team review: Shadow

The College of Shadow allows you to blend the Dark Elf and Skaven teams together without having to worry about pesky Animosity rules like you do in regular Blood Bowl. The result is a fast-moving team that can steal games.

Complete teams: Dark Elves

Mostly complete: Skaven, the roster is here except for the Rat Ogre, which is part of the College of Beasts roster.

Also present: Goblins, just the basic goblin lineman, nothing special.

Spell: Shadowed Step can help you get a player past an opposing team’s blockade, which is perfect given your relatively low Strength players.

Player options: 10

Strengths: Your strength is speed, with players able to cover large distances in the dungeon, providing they can get past opposing players.

Weakness: Your weakness is Strength (ha!). No player on your roster has greater than ST3, meaning you can find life tough in narrow corridors blockaded by the opposing team.

Overall: A College of Shadow team is great for players who enjoy stealing victory from under their opponent’s noses. This team can also end games quickly if a fast player can find the ball early.

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