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Still more spider swarms

As I get to my last couple of trays’ worth of miniatures, I am finding models I don’t remember owning. So it is with these spider swarms from Games Workshops’ Middle Earth range:

I painted up six of these swarms as part of the previou tray, but then found another six while preparing for this tray! These ones were already affixed to their movement trays – a relic from the War of the Rings massed battle game, a flawed but brilliant GW creation. Only one of the six swarms can be removed, to show when a single casualty has been caused. You can see it on the far left in the image above.

Each tray has a piece of resin terrain on one side – to show which way the swarms a facing in game, though that really doesn’t matter now.

2 comments on “Still more spider swarms

  1. Guru PIG
    October 30, 2021

    They look great. makes me think I should get around to my Harry Potter figures at some stage!

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  2. Pete S/ SP
    October 31, 2021

    Very nice- the swarms look great.



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