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Blood Bowl 2020 tiers and teams

In what I promise will be last Blood Bowl update before I have the Blood Bowl 2020 rulebook in my hands* there’s a new update covering the concept of tiers.

More importantly, you can go to the article to get a free download of those team which didn’t make it into the rulebook. This includes Chaos Dwarfs

Chaos Dwarfs are (still) considered Tier 1. If you’re new to Blood Bowl, you might not be familiar with the game’s concept of Tiers.

Many games go on about the concept of balance, but one of Blood Bowl’s strengths (for me) is throwing that out of the window in favour of tiers. Take a Tier 1 team and you’re giving yourself the best possible chance to do well. A Tier 2 team is challenging, especially early on, but they can usually do quite well if you manage them. A Tier 3 team would do well to win 40% of its games and is for those coaches who want to set their difficulty level to Very Hard.

In practise the Tier system helps the longevity of the game by giving players new things to try out, without the expectation that, for example, a Goblin team should do just as well as a Lizardmen team.

I noticed from other preview articles that the two new teams in the 2020 box are both considered Tier 2. The Human and Orc teams from the last few box sets are Tier 1, so there’s more of a challenge out of the box this time.

*promise may not be kept


2 comments on “Blood Bowl 2020 tiers and teams

  1. Qohelet ben Shlomoh
    November 15, 2020

    TBH I’m here for all the Blood Bowl Content.

    Also, you had mentioned price point in an earlier post. The Second Edition starter box is now up for preorder on Miniature Market with MSRP of $140 USD. So about a 20% markup over the first edition here in the States.

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    • davekay
      November 15, 2020

      Yes, I think this Season 2 box is good value given what’s in there.
      There’s definitely more Blood Bowl content to come!


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