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My top 100 Magic: the Gathering card arts, 91-100

This was a difficult list to put together, with literally thousands of different card arts to choose from. Many cards I like did not make the list, and many artists I like also missed out. But, you have to make choices when you limit yourself to a number, and 100 was the number I chose.

Magic: the Gathering has presented many memorable illustrations over the years, of landscapes, characters, and events. I’ll share my 100 favourites with you now. A quick note this list includes all sets up to and including the 2016 release of Eldritch Moon.

Tempted as I am to add commentary, I will let the art do the talking here. I will list the card’s position, name, artist, and set.

100 – Moorland Inquisitor – David Palumbo – Avacyn Resotored


99 – Mountain – Veronique Meignaud – Zendikar


98 – Boldwyr Intimidator – Esad Ribic – Future Sight


97 – Feldon of the Third Path – Chase Stone – Commander 2014


96 – Patrol Hound – Daren Bader – Odyssey


95 – Liliana Vess – Aleksi Briclot – Lorwyn


94 – Verdant Eidolon – Tsutomu Kawede – Dissension


93 – Moss Diamond – Lindsey Look – Commander 2014


92 – Oona, Queen of the Fae – Adam Rex – Shadowmoor


91 – Goldenglow Moth – Howard Lyon – Shadowmoor



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