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MtG artists: Mark Zug

Mark Zug’s illustrations have been featured on Magic cards for over 10 years now. As a ‘veteran’ artist we have seen his work on around 150 cards.

Chainer, Dementia Master

markzug_chainerChainer was the story character in the Torment set (it did not go well for him) and this great character piece by Mark Zug made the card always draw attention.

Icy Manipulator

markzug_icymanipulatorThere have been several versions of this card, but Mark Zug’s Mirrodin version has always been my favourite I am always disappointed when the card is reprinted but not with this art.

Dark Supplicant


It is rare in Magic for one card to directly reference another. This card was the first I encountered. If you sacrifice three clerics, the statue seen in the art comes to life as a fearsome avatar. Mark Zug also illustrated that card, further reinforcing the connection.

Grinning Demon


The demon creature type returned to Magic after a hiatus with this card.

Pegasus Stampede


This was Mark Zug’s first illustrated Magic card, one which marked him out as an artist to watch.

View all Magic cards illustrated by Mark Zug, or view the artist’s website.



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