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Of Gods & Mortals game report – Norse versus Norse

This was meant to be a battle report of Norse versus the Goldenscale Army, but alas it was not to be. Some poor positioing followed by one of those games where you roll little other than 1s and 2s and your opponent seems unable to roll below 5 meant I chucked the game in as soon a decently possible.

Here is the army of failure. No, it wasn’t them. It was the dice. Dice shaming is a thing, right?


This is based on the Goldenscale Army list I posted earlier. It uses Winter’s Chill as the God, with the Half-Redeemed (mounted) a dragonpriest, and a Deadscale captain as the legends.

The mortals include goldenscale riders, archers, and warriors, plus a unit of hoard-guard and a unit of deadscale warriors.

Alas, it was not to be.

The ‘real game’ was 1,000 points of Norse versus Norse.


We are just starting out so a few errors were made, the chief one being – both armies used Thor as their God! In truth, the players should have diced off to see who gets to keep their god, with the loser having to use a different God. Harsh!

The first pic above shows both armies just after deployment. If there’s one lesson that was learned today it is to keep your mortals close to your god!

You can see above the army in the right is clustered around its god (the model on the larger round base). This army won (spoilers, right?). Being able to activate or react on a 3 instead of a 4 makes the world of difference.

A couple of turns later the board looked like this:

ogam141101The troll on the lower right of the pic kept winning its combats, pushing the unit of vikings back until the last one went off the table edge. This was the only ray of sunshine for the ‘orc norse’. The player used old Games Workshop Warhammer models for his army, which worked fine and made a point of difference between the two armies.

Otherwise the three units of vikings you see stayed together, stayed close to their god, and shrugged off the early loss of their legends t push through and win the day.

Both armies reached their break point of 50% models, and a unit of vikings that was too far from Thor ran from the table, making the winning player’s victory more slender than it might have been and again reminding us to stay close to the god.

The game was enjoyable for both players though, and fun to watch too!

2 comments on “Of Gods & Mortals game report – Norse versus Norse

  1. daggerandbrush
    November 24, 2014

    That looks like a very nice army. I especially like the dragon. These games were you always roll 1s and 2s are frustrating. Would you say the game is more luck based and these rolls really decide if you win or lose or was it just the sheer amount of them that made it a clear loss?


    • davekay
      November 24, 2014

      It was the sheer amount, plus the opposite rolls from my opponent. Case in point – his worst unit shoots at one of my legends. I am up by 4 before dice. I lose and take a casualty. The legend will survive on a 3, I fail the roll. It was like that all game.
      I was also out-positioned it has to be said, but that really didn’t matter in the end. Frustrating like you say.
      Any game using dice will create situations like that unless you re-think how dice are used, it comes with the territory. The second game was good to watch and fun for both players.


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