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MtG artists: Matt Cavotta

Matt Cavotta has illustrated over 100 Magic cards across many years. One thing that struck me as I looked through the archive of cards illustrated by Matt Cavotta was the variety. From individual portrait style cards to dragons, strange devices, monsters and battle scenes, Matt Cavotta has covered them all. Naturally picking out just five was hard, and my picks have tended towards the portrait side of things.

Blood Knight

cavotta_bloodknightThis fearsome fellow is the red companion to White Knight ad Black Knight, iconic cards that go back to the first set of Magic. Perhaps ‘companion’ is too strong a word. I don’t think this guy has many friends.

Etched Oracle


This constructed inhabited the plane of Mirrodin. It offered a card drawing boost to players who spend coloured mana to cast, which is captured in the art by the crystal ball of many hues.

Firemane Angel


Fierce angels lead Ravnica’s Boros Legion into battle, and the firemane angel is one of these. Grace and ferocity captured in one great image from Matt Cavotta.

Goblin Flectomancer


In contrast to the Boros, Ravnica’s Izzet guild are a collection of mad inventor-mages. Both Boros and Izzet have goblins in their ranks, but while Boros goblins are typically foot soldiers, goblins in the Izzet guild are more like this guy.

Wydwen, the Biting Gale


Wydwen is one of the faeries of Lorwyn – beware her sting!


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