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MtG Artists: Eric Deschamps

Eric Deschamps stands out in my mind for his art on Planeswalkers over the past few years. He manages to keep a diverse group of characters looking individual yet still recognisable as key players in the game world. This won’t be a list of my five favourite Planeswalker arts though; there are plenty of great cards to choose from here.

1. Ral Zarek


This art didn’t appear on a card. It was the promo and fat pack box art for the set Dragon’s Maze. One thing Wizards of the Coast did was crop this art and use the cityscape as art for a promotional Plains card. 


2. Nyxborn Shieldmate


This art shows a frieze coming to life to aid or attack the player. My favourite touch is the blank spaces where the character has stepped out of the art 

3. Assemble the Legion


This art shows Ravnica’s Boros Legion preparing to march to battle. Love those shiny marble floors!

4. Stirring Wildwood


This art shows a land coming to life, and was featured on one of Zendikar’s lands that do exactly that! You can turn the land into a creature for a turn to protect yourself or beat your opponent.

5, Ephara, God of the Polis


The god Ephara is associated with cities and learning on Theros. This shows her literally pouring knowledge over her chosen followers.


You can visit Eric Deschamps’ webaite here, or view all magic cards illustrated by Eric Deschamps.



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