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Byzantines of Middle Earth

I’ve been considering Byzantines as my next SAGA army. They use Norman dice and I already have that army, though it is not yet painted. What is painted are one hundred or so Easterlings, sculpted by the Perrys, from Games Workshop’s War of the Ring massed battles game. Great game system, shame it had no support. As well as the basic warriors I have standard bearer and leader models which may come in handy.

I have enough ‘warriors’ armed with spears and bows to see me through – about 30 of each though I can’t imagine fielding that many. I also have an unopened box of Easterling Kataphrakts (no guesses as to which army this range drew its inspiration from!). I’ll want to pick up a box of Gripping Beasts Dark Age Warriors for the javelin armed levy, but it’s nice to start a new army project with the army mostly painted!


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