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MtG Artists: Cliff Childs

After the prolific Kev Walker, let’s look at Cliff Childs, a relative newcomer with around 30 cards under his belt so far. Cliff Childs has produced some memorable land arts, and these will dominate the article. His art tends towards gloomier colours, or perhaps that is simply the effect of being commissioned for Innistrad and for the black-aligned guilds of Ravnica.

1. Maze’s End



Maze’s End remains one of my favourite land arts from Magic. Although I don’t own the card I did keep the Fat Pack insert with an enlarged version of the art. I often use this as a backdrop for my painted miniatures. If you though it looked familiar, that is why!

2. Godless Shrine


Godless Shrine is a dual land that generates both black and white mana. The land itself is the home of the Orzhov guild, who worship nothing other than themselves and their own enrichment.

3.  Nephalia Drownyard


Gravestones in the foreground lead the eye up to crashing waves, rock, and a wrecked ship. A gloomy place this, and so well interpreted by the artist. The ship appears in silhouette, backlit by a moon in a cloudy sky. The ship is not yet broken up, but will soon be reduced to ragged flotsam by the waves and rocks.

4. Rubblehulk


This is the only non-land card in this selection. The rubblehulk is an animated creature made from roots and stones, set against the city dwellers of Ravnica by the Gruul guild. This piece has more colour than others, with a sunlit blue sky, and the colours on the rubblehulk itself.

5. Dimir Guildgate



There were two art versions of each guildgate in the Return to Ravnica block, which I found exciting. The first ten featured in the first two sets. The third set, Dragon’s Maze, featured all ten guildgates but each had new art. The art in question was a view pulled back from the original cards, done by the same artist. See the blue arch in the rear at the centre? That was the entirely of the original card art. This art shows us a longer view showing the shadowed way to the shadowy Dimir guild’s territory.


See all Cliff Childs’ mtg art here.


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