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Bones 2 Closes

The second Bones Kickstarter has closed with a result similar to the first. The second Bones pulled in over 14,000 backers and $3.1 million. The first managed over 17,000 backers with $3.4 million. While there are slightly fewer backers this time around, it would appear the backers each pledged more.

The structure of Bones 2 was similar to the first, only more streamlined. Given the popularity of the Vampire level the first time around, this was the only level offered, along with a $1 level that allowed access to the extras. To mix up the variety, the vampire level this time featured a $100 Core Set, with three Core Set Expansions that could be added for $50 each. There were also plenty of extras to choose from on top of this.

The pledge ended with the reveal of the truly awesome Dragons Don’t Share diorama, pictured below.



One other change over the original Bones was the postage. US backers had their free postage included in the price. Non-US backers would pay the actual shipping costs of what they ordered. This change from a flat rate ended up working against the non-US backers as it made things very difficult in terms of controlling the amount of your pledge. Usually, having pledges that grant more models the more people take out the pledge is win-win. For non-US backers this time it would easily be win-lose. Additional models could push your order into the next weight range and incur large fees.  I would guess that the lower number of backers this time around is down to non-US gamers who decided not to participate this time.

Hopefully for Bones 3 they will at least say :pay no more than…” for postage as this would given non-US backers the certainty they need.


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