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Tolarian Community Collage Kickstarter

Tolarian Community College has reviewed a number of accessories for magic players over the years. A recent interview with ‘The Prof’ who runs the channel revealed that making review videos for accessories was the reason the channel started. At the time there weren’t any reviews typically available, an issue when prices and quality can vary wildly between similar looking deck boxes, card holders, sleeves etc.

My current card sleeves, deck holders, and card folders each represent purchasing decisions I made after watching reviews on this channel.

So it was interesting to see this teaser video for a Kickstarter launching later this month:

It looks like The Prof has teamed up with a provider to design the card box he would like, and after seeing his reviews of the products out there, I am interested to see what is available when the project goes live. Many products from US-based companies simply don’t make it out here, so being able to buy via Kickstarter can be useful – not that I’m unhappy with what I’m currently using!

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