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Vince Venturella – the basics of miniature painting

Yesterday I threw out about 30 paints – roughly a third of my collection, as part of the general reorganisation I’m going through right now. This has been prompted partly by the recent airbrush purchase, and mainly through changes in my painting habits as I get through my collection. The main change as I have often remarked is my move from regular acrylics over to the Contrast Range from GW.

The change has almost felt like starting all over again (but with 20 years of lessons on what to avoid!), and so this video on getting started from Vince Venturella was timely.

If you’re not familiar with Vince, he produces models like this one:

The video isn’t about that, it’s just about how to get started with regular acrylics, maintaining and thinning your paints, using brushes well and more.

If you know someone new to the hobby, or (like me!) are looking to see what beginner errors you are still making, this video is a good one.

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