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Black Library 2022 previews

Warhammer Community hosted a Black Library preview event at the week-end, and while I didn’t get what I had hoped for, the preview was interesting all the same.

Anyone who enjoys Age of Sigmar and/or 40k fiction is going to have plenty to choose from, both new books, and from fancy reprintings of older favourites. The trend of bringing other genres into the Black Library fold continues, so if you enjoyed the forays into horror and police procedural, then expect some more of that.

What had I hoped to see? It’s been a long road, and I was hoping to hear news that the last two books in the Siege of Terra series would be released this year, bringing to a close the 60+ book series that started back in 2006. I received no such news, but when it comes to the Siege of Terra, I didn’t receive no news.

First was this forthcoming book cover art from Neil Roberts, although the name and author of the book were not revealed. Second was very unexpected: a pair of new plastic models depicting some characters from the series.

This pair are Zephon of the Blood Angels, aka The Bringer of Sorrow, and Fafnir Rann of the Imperial Fists. If you have read some of the books and don’t recognise either of these, there’s no need to feel shame. They aren’t major characters. Fafnir Rann is a captain of the Imperial Fists, and every time Fafnir comes into view in the novels, I have to remind myself that he is not a Space Wolf.

Zephon is a crippled Blood Angel whose main stage was in The Master of Mankind (book 41 of 54 in the Horus Heresy series). His revelation shows what the Emperor was planning all along, and the future that Magnus destroyed:

“Zephon Removed his helmet to wipe away silent tears from his eyes…. This journey would have been the first step of humanity’s life without the warp…. A species reborn, saved from damnation by one man’s vision.”

It’s interesting that two minor characters have received the plastic treatment, when others are made available only in Forgeworld resin. Hopefully these will be the first of a new line of Horus Heresy characters. The books are so expansive, and characters so numerous, that I think a line of .stl files would solve that problem, but for now I will look forward to further plastic figures, and maybe a book or two later in 2022.

3 comments on “Black Library 2022 previews

  1. Peter Holland
    December 14, 2021

    It’s a shame that Zephon isn’t depicted with his MKIII helm and his four taloned foot as in the books though. It’s great that they’re making the characters but they don’t seem to stick to the source material when designing the minis.

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  2. Wudugast
    December 14, 2021

    Those are both nice models, I especially like Fafnir Rann. I’d not realised that they’re going to be plastic, I’d assumed they were going to be FW resin. Peter makes a good point above, if they’re going to make a model based on a character why deviate from the description of them in the novels? Also interesting that they’ve made two loyalists, I wonder if we’ll see a pair of traitors in the future?

    Like you I think I was really hoping to see what’s next for the Seige. The cover looks cool but I was hoping for the author, title and synopsis. We’ve come so far and after reading all those novels I really want to know how things work out and discover if Horus or the Emperor wins in the end. 😉

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