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Desert Bus for hope

Desert Bus for hope is a charity event which was first run in 2007. It’s an established annual event today, and as it’s running now, you can stop by the website and see how they are going.

The premise is simple enough, a team attempt to play Desert Bus for as long as they can, day and night, without crashing.

Desert Bus is a deliberately awful game from the minds of Penn and Teller. The screenshot above, is basically all you see. The game, which cannot be paused, has you drive the eight-hour route from Tuscon to Las Vegas. The game features a rickety bus which will list and crash if you don’t keep constantly on the controls. Complete the eight-hour journey through the featureless desert to earn a whole point. At this time the game gives you the option to stop playing, or do the return leg for, you guessed it, an additional point.

These days the Desert Bus for Hope team work in shifts, the better to keep the game going for as long as possible. During the event, people can donate or bid on items that come up for auction. This article has good background on the history of the event, but even that article is almost 10 years old now.

I wonder how many points they will get this year?

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