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Secret Weapon HD bases Kickstarter

Secret Weapon are back on Kickstarter with another interesting new project. This one is called HD Bases and offers factory printed decorative bases for miniatures.

There’s a mix of SF and fantasy themes, as well as some other completely different themes. The one above is one I could see myself using for Blackstone Fortress.

The project page has more detail, including showing how the detail is 3-dimensional and not a flat wallpaper-like image.

The one above looks great, but I don’t really have the figures in my collection to go on these.

One thing to note is that I have backed two Secret Weapon projects in the past, and they have both suffered significant (12+ months) delays. In each case they were due to what I would call ‘unforced errors’.

In the case of the tablescapes, Secret Weapon somehow forgot to order enough pieces from the manufacturer to cover people’s add-on orders. This added an entirely unnecessary 8-month delay to an already over due project.

In the case of the tablescapes dungeon pieces, Secret Weapon managed to forget to manufacture a key piece of the offered sets, again leading to delayed delivery for everyone.

In the case of this Kickstarter, he’s already had to cancel the project once and restart, after forgetting that it’s important to let people pledge more than $1 if you want to reach your funding-based stretch goals!

The Bloody Pitch bases below is an image from the current Kickstarter; the others were all taken from the original project – note the different campaign dates. This is the kind of thing I’m talking about. Expect delays.

You may be wondering at this point why I’m even talking about this Kickstarter at all. Fair question

The simple answer is that Justin is a man of his word. He makes mistakes, yes, many of which make me grind my teeth in frustration. But he is a talented designer and delivers a quality product. What is pictured is what you will get – just don’t be surprised if it’s late.

You can check out the HD bases Kickstarter to see even more designs. In spite of my criticisms I may well pledge myself; though I am focused right now on trying to support my local stores.

11 comments on “Secret Weapon HD bases Kickstarter

  1. Azazel
    March 31, 2020

    SWM is Justin. Jeremy was Titanforge(?) – the resin not-Greater Daemons that was a right cluster in a number of ways…

    • davekay
      March 31, 2020

      thanks for picking that up, I changed it now!

    • davekay
      March 31, 2020

      Was that the one that delivered 3 years late and many of the casts weren’t up to scratch? One of my friends bought from them a couple of years ago and the quality is there now, which is good.

      • Azazel
        March 31, 2020

        Yeah thats them. The official story is that Jeremy (the original sculptor) sold it all off to another mob who ended up taking over the fulfilment (with mixed results) and eventually got it up to scraych. Not sure how much he has to do with them as there are various (conspiracy) theories there. If I didn’t have such an immense backlog, I might have considered picking up a model now.

        Well, that and the Aussie dollar tanking and needing to focus finances in a different direction right now because coronavirus. Which is why I can’t back the SWM base KS or anything else for the time being…

      • davekay
        March 31, 2020

        Yes, I have decided to stay away from Kickstarter, this is the only project that might tempt me in the near term. Between virus and low dollar, there’s more incentive to wait for any retail release.

      • Azazel
        April 3, 2020

        Yeah. I have to decide in the next few days if I’m going to cough up for the Zombicide NotLD KS before the PM closes. At least it’s one that’s relatively small and so less expensive, but others.. 😦

  2. heretic30k
    April 4, 2020

    I also jumped in on the kickstarter SWM tiles and cavern pieces. Despite the delays the products are good – I wish I had more of the tiles, but looks like they are out of print now due to dispute with the chinese manufacturer. I wish them well with this project, but I don’t have any projects which require these even though they do look nice.

    • davekay
      April 4, 2020

      Similar story for me too, when the dungeon tiles arrived my first thought was that I wished I had ordered double (at least!)

  3. Faust
    April 7, 2020

    That’s a very interesting project, and I could see that coming in handy for Blood Bowl bases (and lots of other games). I guess I would want to see the actual product in hand though, they look kinda bright in some shots.

    • davekay
      April 7, 2020

      True, I wouldn’t want the surface to be too reflective

      • Faust
        April 7, 2020

        Yea, I imagine you could apply Nuln or Agrax over the top or potentially paint them. But I don’t feel like throwing down $50 on a test right now.

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