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Fun with playmats

Playmats are a non-essential accessory for card game players. Despite playing Magic since 2001, I’ve never found the need to own one. After the arrival of this package, I won’t be able to say that anymore!


Above is the result of John Avon’s Kickstarter which I packed last year. Originally I was in for just one playmat, but when the time came for add-ons I couldn’t resist a second.


The Forest playmat I road-tested at the recent Rivals of Ixalan pre-release, and it proved well-sized, easily portable, and a good base to lay cards on. Now doubt the Swamp playmat will prove similarly useful.


The playmats also came with a couple of signed artist proofs, and a set of five double-sided prints showcasing the land for John Avon’s Unhinged and Unstable full art lands.


This Kickstarter was so successful and quick to ship out that John Avon immediately went back to Kickstarter for playmats showcasing his Unstable art. I didn’t go for that, since it started and ended before my first playmats arrived. However it was similarly successful.

For some reason it’s far cheaper to ship these items to Australia from the UK than from the US. I’d love some Nils Hamm art playmats, but the postage from the US would double the price compared with these.

4 comments on “Fun with playmats

  1. Bookstooge
    January 20, 2018

    I’ve thought about playmats, but with so much money being already spent on deck boxes, dice, sleeves, etc, not to mention the decks themselves, I’ve never given them serious thought.

    How did change things for you?

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    • davekay
      January 20, 2018

      It’s purely aesthetic; I now have a pretty picture to look at while I play. I guess it also sets out my play area, and I keep my library, gaveyard, and spare dice off to one side of the mat.

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  2. David Norris
    January 20, 2018

    Wait you’re a fellow Australian! There are dozens of us, DOZENS!

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