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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

I’m all excited about the re-release of a game from the early 2000s. Titan Quest and its sequel, Immortal Throne, is a game similar to Diablo, but more expansive in scope.

As you might guess from the same, classical Greek mythology looms large, but the game takes us to other regions of the world too as the quest goes on. The expansive outdoor settings, mini quests, and item customisation in the game were great.

One feature I enjoyed was the common stash, which meant if you found a fantastic item for a different class to the one you were playing, that was no problem. Place it in your common stash, and when you start a new game with that class, you’ll have a nice unique to look forward to. No more being disappointed about finding a great weapon for the wrong class. Well, not as disappointed, anyway.


The anniversary edition firstly combines the original two games into one executable, a helpful step for anyone who has tried to combine the games on more recent devices. The changes don’t stop there though, and you can read the extensive patch notes should you wish.

Titan Quest was always one of those classic games that tended to be a bit too fiddly to run on modern computers. This is hardly a unique issue but when the rights to the game passed to a new owner a while back I was interested when they specifically called out Titan Quest as something they had acquired.


This is not just a re-presentation of an old game; items, character skills and more have been rebalanced and existing game bugs have been fixed. There has never been a better time to complete heroic deeds in ancient times.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is available on Steam and GoG now. In a special bonus if you bought the original game on Steam, your Steam library has the Anniversary Edition added free!


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