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New Baldur’s Gate expansion

No, you did not misread the title. Baldur’s Gate, the RPG released back in 1998 is getting a sequel. The sequel is for the Enhanced Edition so there is no need to dust off your old CDs.

Called the Siege of Dragonspear, the expansion is released in 31 March and will ‘bridge the gap’ between the enhanced editions of Baldur’s Gate I and II.


Beamdog, who worked on the Enhanced Edition, also made this expansion. Siege of Dragonspear will be available from Beamdog or via Steam. Presumably GoG will follow.


Now, did someone mention Baldur’s Gate III?

[via Kotaku]


3 comments on “New Baldur’s Gate expansion

  1. Von
    March 8, 2016

    Oh, piss.

    I don’t own the Extended Editions. >.>

  2. daggerandbrush
    March 10, 2016

    Well that is some good news. Unfortunately I only own the GOG originals…and I am unwilling to buy the extended editions. Well, lets see what the reviews say.

  3. BlogP4nda
    October 7, 2016

    I surely hope there’ll never be a BG3. Not when they ruin the existing ones with “enhanced versions.”

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